Dating on the Internet: stop showing off, it does not work

Before posting your photo on a dating site you camouflage your buttons, crane, and pout to be ultra-sexy? Bad idea. Indeed, OkCupid has just revealed that it is the women whose pictures are mundane or not terrible who win the most appointments galant.

Notice to women registered on dating sites, do not show you in your best light. Indeed, a statistical study conducted by OKCupid, an English dating site, has just revealed that it is the women with unflattering photos that attracted the most attention of men and won the most appointments.

One of the first reasons put forward to explain this phenomenon is simply that of assessing one’s chances. Indeed, some men think they have no chance to get an appointment with this or that woman they consider more beautiful than themselves. In fact, they refuse to engage in a conversation for fear of being rejected. They would then turn to women whom they consider “more within their reach”.

Similarly, when a man thinks he has “less competition” because the others find this or that unattractive woman, they dare more.

Nevertheless, according to OKCupid, would be the perception of beauty. If we believe the dating site, men keep the same impression of a “banal” woman. On the other hand, a sublime woman will see her popularity rating fluctuate over the long term. In fact, women whose photos are not the most flattering attract the most attention from men and win the most appointments.

On their blog, OkCupid goes further and suggests to women to play on a detail of their physique that most men do not like, and to make it their “charm asset”. According to the site, this will allow them to detach from the mass, to be more exceptional and thus to attract more men.

Naturally, OkCupid recognizes that the sexiest women on the dating site are those who receive the most messages. Nevertheless, they are also the ones that respond the least and leave the site quickly.

Post a banal picture of oneself seems to be the tactic to adopt if you believe OkCupid. It is worth it to test the advice of the site. Especially since it prevents any risk of unpleasant surprises such as: “How? You’re not Angelina Jolie’s double? “