Top 10+ best dating apps for iPhone

Meeting people and making new friends can be both intimidating and embarrassing. This happens especially when you are new to a place and you do not know many people around you. Whether you’re moving to a new city for your job or another reason, or traveling on vacation, it can be very terrifying to meet new people at random and start conversations. To be lucky, though, there are many iPhone apps out there that you can use to expand your circle of friends by going social and meeting new friends. Here we have listed some of the best dating apps for the iPhone to meet new people in 2019.

Best dating apps for iPhone meet new people 2019.

Here is our list of the best best iPhone free dating apps. These apps are a great way to get in touch with new people with whom you can share meals, party, and even share everything that interests you. They will allow you to make real friends who have the same interests as you. There are others that will help you find your date in the most innovative way possible.


Meetup ( allows you to meet people from thousands of different cities. The purpose of this iPhone dating app is to bring together groups sharing a common interest. When you register, you can immediately check what is available in your area. Whether it’s a group of people of the same age, or a group of fitness or technology enthusiasts, you will certainly find people who fit your needs.


Fetlife BDSM ( network is popularly known as an iOS app for dating in the BDSM and Fetish community, but the app offers much more than just romance. Some settings can be changed specifically to find new friends in the same way that you search for a date. The app would be an ideal choice to meet new people for both love and other things.


Interested in getting to know your neighbors more closely without ever having to meet them? Install Nextdoor ( immediately on your iPhone. This is the best geolocation application for iPhone that gives you access to your social network in the neighborhood where you can exchange information about the local community using your iPhone. If you intend to make a first contact with people living in the neighborhood without having to meet them in person, Nextdoor is the application you need to go to. In addition, the application allows you to keep an eye on local classifieds and recommendations.


With Peanut (, you can be part of a whole community of mothers. There is a group chat feature that allows you to spend time talking with moms from different parts of the world. In addition, the application focuses strongly on the organization of meetings and is an excellent socialization tool. This is the ideal solution if you do not want to isolate yourself during paternity leave and also allows you to have good advice.


The app works on proximity and preferences, much like other dating apps on this list, but it does for friends. Use Skout on your iPhone to meet new people wherever you are. It helps even when you visit a new place. The app gives you updates from other nearby users and allows you to buy gifts and send them to them. You can also know who else is watching you. Skout ( is ideal for you if you have this boldness to travel regularly and you are always looking to meet new people.


The app is a great solution to find new people to meet based on your interests and your location. So, if you like meeting new people and having a conversation, Tinder ( would be your best option because it’s one of the best iPhone apps to meet new people as well as date them. So, take advantage of the beautiful user interface of the application and find your ideal partner. With more than one hundred million users, Tinder is one of the most downloaded iPhone apps.


With MeetMe, you can connect to more than one hundred million people of all ages, from all walks of life and of all nationalities and discuss with them on various topics that interest you personally. Conversations can be started with status updates and this way you can let people know you know each other before you get more involved in things and make new friends.


There are many applications like & better than Tinder in which one only gets to know within a radius of a few kilometers. However, Happn ( goes even further. When you open the app on your iPhone, there are other users on the screen to greet you. You may even have met them physically throughout the day. Reach out to whoever you want and go further with Happn.


It is an application that allows you to find your love through Instagram. The app requires you to fill in information about yourself and your interests, but mostly works by plugging into your Instagram feed through your images. The app also tells you if you’ve taken any of your Instagram photos to the same place, as well as your likely match.

Tinder also noticed Glimpse recently and now allows users to link their Instagram account to the app.


Another iPhone dating app that is considered one of the best iPhone apps to meet new people, Hinge ( takes a more focused approach by giving you matches from your extended social network. It addresses the “third-degree connections” of your friends on Facebook to build a network without fear for you. Then you can choose the people you would like to go out with.

These are the best iPhone dating apps to meet new people in 2019. You can try any one of them according to your personal preference. Each app has its own unique set of features that you can benefit from. So, again, it’s more a question of interests and personal choice as to which one you would like to choose. Just start socializing with these applications in the real world and meet new people from all over the world.