Tinder for Women : 5 tips for successful dating on Tinder

Tinder tips for the best openers and winning bios

Tinder is an application specialized in “meetings between neighbors”. Thanks to the success of dating sites such as Meetic and AdopteUnMec, Tinder has a place of choice in the field today. The French are more and more addicted to their smartphone, so it was logical that such an application be born. Beginner or regular, discover 5 tips to flirt on Tinder!

Do not forget the importance of  your profile

The profile is the key element to flirt on Tinder … It is he who is decisive in the success of any seduction. The most important is undeniably the photos, including the first. If the first picture is not attractive, there is very little chance that connected people will want to watch others. It is essential to opt for a photo that highlights you. No need to put too many photos, it’s not an album! In general, putting two or three pictures is a good average. It is essential to be alone on the cliché … Forget your ex, your girlfriends or your colleagues! The best solution is to choose a photo in portrait mode.

For others, you can bet on photos of you on vacation, etc. The main thing is to show potential suitors that you have hobbies and passions. We will not lie to each other! The description is far from determining on Tinder. In order not to scare away the few people watching it, be careful in the text to avoid any spelling mistakes. They can be prohibitive.

Banking on an original approach

To stand out, you can bet on an original approach on dating sites. You can use the name of the coveted person to call him. For example, you can write: “Hello Thomas! You can also play on a detail of one of the photos. If you see something special, you can use it as an approach. It can be a book (or DVD / CD), a place of holidays, a special place … This means can be perfect to engage the conversation and therefore the seduction. In any case, avoid as much as possible clichés like “you are too beautiful”.

Use classic seduction tricks

Those who do not feel an original soul can use the classic seduction tricks. It often happens that a simple “Hello” suffices if your photo pleases. The classic “Hi! How are you ? “Is always proven and allows beautiful meetings. By looking closely at the profile, you can also find in the other common interests. Sharing the same musical, literary, cinematographic tastes, the same kinds of outings or the same sporting practices is often a boon to engage in conversation.

Be direct

On Tinder, it is clear that few people who want to waste their time. There are weeks of virtual discussions before seeing each other. Do not hesitate to be direct according to your desires. Plan for a night or real story? It’s up to you to know what your expectations are! For those who want to have fun and do not want a romantic relationship, do not hesitate to be direct. ” What are you doing tonight ? Is a straight sentence that many men like. At least you know what you want and you do not wait for the other to take things in hand.

Switch from virtual contact to real life dates

Tinder is a geolocated application, that is to say it offers you the opportunity to meet people who are closer to you geographically. The main purpose of this application is to meet people in real life. In your cruising technique, do not forget this essential point! As soon as you feel the feeling pass, do not hesitate to propose a meeting in a bar or a restaurant. The faster you get to the real thing, the better! Exchanging phone numbers is a very good start. It is better to communicate via SMS than on Tinder. With a little luck, the met man will disconnect from Tinder avoiding moult temptations. Competition is tough on Tinder as the application is coveted and used.